Estate planning for pets!

Theresa Harrington, staff writer for the in Walnut Creek, Calfornia, had a great article on estate plans for your pets. Be sure and check this out:

Group encouraging estate plans for pets
Dogs and cats can face euthanasia if owners die, and this foundation says foresight can offset this
By Theresa Harrington
Staff Writer

WALNUT CREEK -- Sally Burgess loves her dog so much that she has set aside $10,000 a year in an estate plan to pay for her pet's care after she dies.

"I don't have any family," said the 67-year-old Rossmoor resident who has established a trust. "My friend Debbie Olson is in charge of my dog Belle. Five thousand dollars is for food and upkeep and an additional $5,000 is for board and veterinary bills in case Debbie wants to go away for three weeks on a vacation."

Unlike Burgess, many pet owners haven't thought ahead about what would happen to their pets if they died or became incapacitated. The White Kitty Foundation, established to help find homes for pets that might otherwise be euthanized, is encouraging animal owners in Contra Costa to set up pet life plans.

A trust, will or estate plan that identifies a person who will take responsibility for the pet can ensure that dogs, cats and other nonhuman family members reach the end of their lives in caring environments, said Bob Tarozzi, a founding member of the Walnut Creek foundation. He recently spoke about this issue at a Rossmoor pet fair and found that some people who worried about their pets' futures hadn't gotten around to planning for them.

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Good for them! These folks think like we do, pets are a cherished and wonderful part of the family, and and they are really thinking and planning ahead. No addiction treatment needed here, they have their priorities in order!