Help find Johnny - the lost Newfie!

Help find Johnny! He was lost from the 900 N. Block of Franklin Ave, in Chicago IL 60610, this is the "River North" neighborhood at 11:45 am on Fri. December 7th. He was last seen headed West on Chicago Avenue near the Chicago River.

Johnny is a 2 year old male Newfoundland, Neutered. He has a microchip, a very small cataract and he is black with white feet and a white chest.

There recently have been sightings of Johann in the Chicago area, possibly in the area of 1212 South Michigan Ave. If you see Johnny please attempt to restrain him, he will not bite, while contacting his owners. Their info is here! If you prefer not to contact us for pickup please return him to any shelter or police station in the Chicagoland area where his chip can be scanned for return to us.

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