I'm a black dog and proud of it!

Just the other day, MSNBC online published a story about 'black dog syndrome.' What is 'black dog syndrome?' It's discrimination of black dogs, either because of superstition, or misconceptions of temperament. Read more about it here!

All across the country black dogs are many times less likely to be adopted in shelters and rescues because of the color of their coat.

An interesting experience of my own...when my Mum went to the shelter to look at me and my brother, the shelter volunteer gave Mum my brother first to look at. Why? The volunteer said she wanted Mum to see my brother first because he was all black and less likely to get adopted than me!

Mum didn't care what color her next 'best friend' was going to be, she just knew that she wanted a nice pup. My brother wasn't a very nice, well behaved pup - all squirmy and barky - so Mum asked to see me. I was quiet and calm, when she held me and she knew it was forever. Only took three days before my true colors of wildness came through - but Mum had already fallen in love.

We frequent a great site that talks a lot about 'black dog syndrome.' Black Pearl Dogs helps educate folks about the myths and real facts of black dogs, and they have amazing black dogs listed for adoption and rescue!

We just want to say, don't judge a dog by it's coat color - you could be missing out on the best thing to happen in your life - just ask my Mum!