Meet Duffy!

Duffy is misunderstood. People call him goofy, but he's just an overgrown puppy. He'll grow up eventually and be a love machine. Right now he need lots of exercise - got anything to herd? A tired Duffy is a good Duffy.

We found Duffy currently being cared for by Bonaparte's Retreat, run by Emmylou Harris of country music fame. They are dedicated to providing nurturing foster care for shelter dogs when their allotted time at the shelter has elapsed; to prevent these wonderful animals from being euthanized and to find them permanent, loving homes.

Bonaparte's Retreat was created to rescue dogs who were unadoptable from Nashville Humane Association. It has evolved into rescuing dogs who have run out of time at Metro Nashville Animal Control.

They are working on starting a foster program for the dogs. For information on being a foster parent, please contact

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