Meet Sam!

They say that a beagle is like a fine only gets better with age. And this is particularly true of Sam. You won't find a sweeter boy around. And make no mistake, this boy has lots of good years left. We know of beagles that have lived to 17 yrs! Given up by his family for a younger version, Sam deserves only the best of homes to enjoy his golden years. Could that be you? If so you will both be lucky!

We found Sam currently being cared for by the Pet Adoption Fund in Southern California. They are the largest private Non Profit No-Kill Rescue Organization in Southern California, founded in 1983. They are staffed primarily by volunteers, and exist solely on private donations and adoption fees. Their mission is to rescue, shelter, and find loving permanent homes for the many wonderful, yet previously abandoned, neglected or abused companion animals, with special emphasis on our senior and physically challenged dogs.

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