Meet Scooter!

Scooter is a 10-month old hound mix, as cute as they come, sweet, affectionate, and happy. Adopted from the shelter last fall as a happy-go-lucky, high-energy guy, he was recently surrendered for being fearful of men in his adopted home. We're not sure what must have happened to make Scooter so afraid, as he was a loving and outgoing dog in his time with us, but we're hopeful that we can find that happy dog again. He's settled in very well at the shelter, enjoying any attention and remembering his basic training commands.

Scooter will need a mature, patient person or family who can provide him with the love, structure and training he needs in order to regain his trust in men and help him become a more well-behaved dog. Because he is a hound, he can't be trusted off-leash–he will need a fenced yard and a family able to give him lots of exercise. Another friendly young dog would be the perfect companion for him, and help him work off some of that energy! Click on his photo for more information and a larger view.

We found Scooter currently being cared for by The Ark Animal Shelter in Cherryfield, Maine. Their mission is to provide compassionate care and placement of homeless animals through the shelter operation.

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