Meet Zephyr!

Zephyr has been in with Border Collie rescue since late December. He was surrendered by his family for behaviors common in border collies. The family had tried to "tame" his border collie ways through negative training methods which left this sensitive boy apprehensive and shy.

They are seeing the border collie within emerging. Zephyr is responding with zest with positive clicker training, and encouragement to "think", not wait to be told. Zephyr already has an arsenal of tricks and bounds back to you with great enthusiasm when recalled.

He is still shy in new situations, but recovers quickly. So far Zephyr has been somewhat neutral with other dogs, but does seem interested and speaks dog very fluently. We think he will bond and do well with other dogs, and eventually learn how to play and run with them, he is lightening fast!!

We found Zephyr currently being fostered through MidAmerica Border Collie Rescue, a great organization helping border collie and BC mixes through the Midwest.

Check out his new video!

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