Online shopping!

Mum and I do most of our shopping online. Why? because it's convenient! Remember, I'm a pup and they don't let me into a lot of stores, and Mum likes to take me nearly everywhere with her.

Remember the day after Thanksgiving? That's the day also known as Black Friday and many people, with their newspaper advertisements in hand, ventured out really, really early in the morning to get those great pre-holiday deals.

What did we do? We stayed at home and took advantage of all the great online deals we found, got nearly all our shopping done in one day, watched the dog show, and missed out on all the crowds and pushing and shoving, BOL!

Worked out great for us and that's just exactly what we plan to do this year - take advantage of those great 2008 thanksgiving specials. Specials with stores like Amazon,,, Target, Radio Shack, J&R, Linens and Things and much more.

I know it's a little early to think about the holidays, but Mum and I are already have something on our list - a new Digital SLR body, to go with the great lenses we already have from our other SLR. So we can get more great pictures of me!