The pet food recall - one year later!

It's now been a year since the largest pet food recall in history occurred. But what has changed? Not much, according to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday.

Christie Keith, who was on the front lines during the recall reporting a wealth of information to pet owners, is a contributing editor for Universal Press Syndicate's Pet Connection and past director of the Pet Care Forum on America Online. She writes in the Chronicle...

"A year ago, Canada's Menu Foods announced it was recalling more than 60 million containers of dog and cat food sold in the United States. Although the name Menu Foods wasn't familiar to pet owners, the recalled cans and pouches bore the labels of dozens of the most familiar and trusted brands in the marketplace.

In the end, more than 1,000 brands of pet food were recalled over a period of about four months, and two chemicals, melamine and cyanuric acid, were blamed for kidney failure that killed thousands and sickened tens of thousands of pets from what came to be called melamine-associated renal failure."
She asks the question "Could it happen again?" Her answer is probably "Yes." Read more of her article and about what actions have been and need to be taken to keep our pets safe.