Pets and foreclosures!

There is so much talk on the Internet and on the news about how foreclosures and the affect these foreclosures are having on the family pets. People in financial trouble are being forced to foreclose on their mortgages, move into apartments or other living arrangements where they are unable to take their pets, and are sending their pets to the shelter. It's a very sad situation.

We came across a site today that talks about the financial and mortgage climate in the UK, which is also struggling. There have been calls for rate cuts by home builders, who are also suffering. This site also has advice and guidance in looking at all types of mortgage and mortgage options, and has ideas that would easily apply in the US.

In tough times like these, we encourage people to look at an array of options when faced with living situations with their pets. Look to family and friends, refinancing your Mortgages, and try to find options to keep your pets with you.