Why shelters and rescue organizations charge adoption fees?

We were over at Savings Lives One at a Time the other day and found a great article, "Why Shelters and Rescue Organizations Charge Adoption Fees."

Here's a bit of the article...

I'm honored to report that Jane at Pet Rescuer Central asked me to do a guest post on her site about why shelters and rescues charge adoption fees. She has kindly permitted me to repost the article here.

I often run into people that think they should be able to “adopt” or “rescue” a pet free of charge. After all, they’re saving the animal’s life, right? Why should they have to pay anything when they’re doing that organization a favor by taking the pet off their hands? Plus, giving away those pets, or reducing the fee will encourage more people to adopt, right?

These folks are missing the big picture.

Shelters and rescue organizations charge adoption fees for three basic reasons: 1) to attempt to recoup a small portion of the cost of rescuing pets, 2) to discourage impulse adoptions, and 3) to keep the bad guys away.
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When Mum first met me at the shelter and decided to take me to her home to join the family, she was more than happy to pay the adoption fee for me. Didn't hesitate one little bit because she knew I was worth it - the shelter folks had spent a lot of time and money to help me find my furever home, and Mum was incredibly grateful for all the hard work they did - and continue to do, day in and day out.

We were at my shelter visiting the other day. It was a beautiful, warmer day, but after the snow melted it made for a bit of a messy trip. (Sure wish we would have had a brush guard on the truck to keep it cleaner.) But we had so much fun visiting with the great folks that rescued me, seeing some wonderful pups that are up for adoption and looking for their furever home.