You gotta meet Jesse!

Jesse is a golden retriever and he is lucky enough to be fostered by one of best blogging buddies, Spencer, while he looks for his furever home, where he can be a big part of his own family!

The Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue is listing Jesse. And you can contact them here to inquire about this cutie Golden! Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abused, unwanted, sick, injured, neglected and abandoned Golden Retrievers throughout Southern California regardless of their physical, medical condition or age.

Their vision is to one day be able to build a sanctuary, which will provide a nurturing halfway house for their beloved Goldens prior to placement in either their foster or permanent homes. A place of peace and warmth where they will be able to heal and rest before moving on to their new lives.

Jesse (and Spencer) is experiencing lots of adventures, including a bath, and lots of other fun times (check out this great vid!).

Jesse is now 4 months old and...
  • she is very smart
  • she’s working on her housetraining skills
  • she loves to play
  • she loves other dogs unless they are really big and flying at her very fast!
  • she LOVES her food
  • she enjoys going on walks and walks pretty good for a kid on the leash
  • she can almost sleep through the night
  • she likes to cuddle up to the humans when she’s sleepy…especially on the sofa!
  • she know “sit” and “come” and is working on “stay” and “down”
  • she pees A LOT…small puppy bladder, BOL!
  • she’s really cute
If you have room in your heart for a Golden, Jesse is your gal!