Helping rescued border collies find work in the UK!

Border Collie Rescue is a UK based charity, working Internationally to Rescue and Re-home Border Collies and Working Sheepdogs and promote a better understanding of the breed and its Welfare.

Dot, in this video, is the top lead Border Collie at the Border Collie Rescue Assessment centre. She lives to herd and loves every minute of it.

Dot came to them during Foot and Mouth from a farm in Wales and decided she wanted to stay.

She has been a great help controlling sheep during assessments and recently has helped train Gael who will be taking over from her when she (reluctantly) retires. Dot is aged 14.

Border Collie Rescue assesses all dogs coming into their care for herding ability and will rehome them as stockdogs if that is what they need to do, but they also assess and rehome for scent discrimination skills to the Police, Prison Service and Excise to detect drugs, explosives and firearms -- to SARDA and other rescue organisations for mountain rescue and search and rescue work -- to help deaf, blind or otherwise disabled people as well as for working trials, flyball, agility, obedience and other interactive sporting disciplines. Many of their dogs have qualified for Crufts in these disciplines. Those that show us they do not need or want to work are rehomed as PAT dogs, pets and companions.