A dog’s best friend!

From The Providence Journal in Rhode Island comes this story...

By Bryan Rourke
Journal Staff Writer

A pack of dogs races across the hard-packed dirt of Fajardo, Puerto Rico, running to greet Steve McGarva and photographer Traer Scott.

Steve McGarva went to the beach to kite surf, not to crusade.

This was more than two years ago in Puerto Rico, where McGarva’s wife Pam had taken a job for the pharmaceutical company, Amgen, which provided McGarva, 42, an artist and extreme sports enthusiast, with a studio and easy access to the ocean.

“I thought, ‘What a great opportunity.’ ”

McGarva, who parasails, hang-glides and base-jumps, thought he had entered heaven, until he visited hell: the beach.

“There were stray dogs everywhere. They weren’t just stray, but skinny and abused.”

Some dogs had been burned with fire, others with acid. Some were slowly suffocating on too-tight collars and ropes. Many nursed machete wounds. All were starving.

“This is the island of enchantment,” McGarva says. “It says that on their license plates.”

The United States territory, about twice the size of Rhode Island, has an estimated 150,000 abandoned dogs roaming around. This is not new. What is new is how one man is doing something about it — by providing food and care for the dogs; and by making one public and shocking tourism-deterring disclosure at a time.


Photo by Traer Scott.