Girl saves stray dog's life with baby-sitting wages!

From the Rapid City Journal comes this story...

By Heidi Bell Gease, Journal staff

Hit by a car on West Main Street in Rapid City on April 21, the little Chihuahua was picked up by a passer-by and taken to Humane Society of the Black Hills. A veterinarian said the dog's badly injured back left leg needed to be amputated.

But shelter staff had just managed to scrape together enough money to pay for another amputation, that one involving the leg of a stray cat that had been shot with a shotgun. There wasn't any money to pay for another surgery.

But luckily for the little dog, there was Emily Thies.

Emily has always loved animals.

"She would have rather had a stuffed animal than a doll any day when she was little," her mom, Betsy Thies, said. "And she does a lot of animal-sitting, whether it's dogs, cats, geckos, frogs."

So it didn't surprise Betsy much when Emily, 14, said she wanted to pay for the Chihuahua's surgery, even though it meant using $500 she had earned baby-sitting and pet-sitting.