Camping and hiking with your pup can be an amazingly fun time! Gracie, my sis, and I love short hiking trips with my Mum. And it doesn't have to be difficult.

But there are some tips you need to consider. First be sure that the location where you would like to hike allows pets. Not all parks do, but many will allow hiking with your pup and even overnight camping.

Second, be sure you have all the necessary gear for your pup - water, food, leash, a toy or two, first aid kit, rough terrain boots, and more. There are all kinds and types of gear that you can get for Fido that's portable and easy to carry. And you can even have your pup wear a hiking backpack to carry some of their own gear.

And third, be sure you have all that you need - backpack, good hiking shoes, food, water, first aid kit, wall tents, flashlight and more.

You and your pup will have the time of your life hiking and camping! Do a quick search on YouTube for dog hiking and you'll see what great fun others have had! And be sure and bring the camera and video cam!