I just love a great party - food, fun, friends and good times! Now that the 4th of July is coming up, it's a great time for a pup party. Be sure and visit my Squidoo lens on how to throw the most fantabulous party for your dog, ever!

Summer is a great time to throw a pup party. You can have it in your back yard, at the dog park, or at a doggie daycare (in air conditioning if it's too hot in your area). My big bash Gotcha Day party was held out our house. We had 30 pups and 20 humans, custom cakes for humans and pups, goodie bags for 2 and 4 leggers, games, prizes, presents and lots more. It was one of the best days of my life!

Here's a great idea for a theme. Have a costume party! There are some really great pet costumes out there to choose from - everything from a little prisoner to Superman! I'd like to go as Rocket - hoping some of that super sonic speed will rub off and get me back to speedy on the agility course.

If you were going to a costume party, what would you go as? Tell us, what costumes would you wear, we'd love to know!