Launches First Comprehensive Video-based Dog Training Center Online!

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 8, 2008 -, the premier destination for dog people, today announced the launch of the Dunbar Training Center (, which features everything pet owners need to know to raise a well-behaved dog.

Created by experts Ian and Kelly Dunbar, noted behaviorists and trainers, the five-step program is the first of its kind. It distills a comprehensive dog training program into its most critical ingredients and then wraps it up into an engaging online package. Each lesson, from House Training to Raising a Friendly Dog, is reinforced by a short video starring the Dunbars and their dogs, plus a quiz that encourages owners to test their progress.

"We want to make training the first thing you do after you bring home a new dog, so we worked closely with the Dunbars to make this program easy to follow" says Clare Ellis, head of content for "Our goal at DogTime is to put dogs and their people on the path to building a beautiful relationship together, and proper training is a critical part of achieving that goal"

The Dunbars, contributing editors to, note that almost half of all puppies adopted each year end up in shelters the following year, and the lack of training is one of the primary reasons. "Without a doubt training and behavior problems are the number one terminal illness for pet dogs" says Ian Dunbar, who founded the country’s leading dog training association, and has published several books and launched two websites with his wife, Kelly Dunbar, on dog training.

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