Keeping up the energy!

When Mum and I go to dog agility trials they are usually long days, tiring days, and energy sapping days. That's why Mum and I always take snacks to munch on during the day to keep our energy up.

Mum takes Zukes, and Lakse Kronch dog treats for me and Gracie. And she packs a lunch for herself; usually a sandwich. But late in the day, she needs a little more. So she's been taking some energy bars to help her keep up her strength.

She found one the other day that she may try out. It's called Promax, they are billed as healthy snack bars with only 70 calories each, that can help you starve off hunger. These high protein bars have pretty good ingredients, are packed with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, although Mum would like a little less sugar in them. But mostly they are an all natural energy bar, primarily containing soy protein, which Mum likes.

They come in three flavors - Cookies N Cream, Double Fudge Brownie and Nutty Butter Crisp (which Mum thinks sounds like the best one to try). They sure sound yummy to me! But remember, dogs can't have chocolate!