Looking for new cell phones?

Mum and I love our new cell phone - it's a Palm Centro. It helps us stay organized, in touch with our friends, up to date on all the doggie news and lots more. We can sync with Outlook which keeps my blogging and agility calendar up to date, and it manages all of our contacts. We Twitter from it, and even have blogged form our cell phone! And one of Mum's favorite features is the MP3 player that she uses at agility between our runs to keep focused.

If you are looking for a new cell phone - maybe a at&t phone, or one from Verizon Wireless check out bestincellphones.com. They have some super deals.

This is just one of them we found for a Sprint phone; if you start new service with Sprint you an get a free Palm Centro, just like ours! And you can even get pink cell phones.

Mum and I are always looking for deals to save money and have more to use for agility trials. This site has even more deals you can check out - everything from family plan deals with T-Mobile and other companies, and free ringtones, bonus headsets to great cell phone plan deals.