Meet AJ!

This is AJ. He the perfect dog in so many ways. Perfect with people, wonderful with dogs, awesome, happy personality, a real gem! He was a Tennessee stray who was rescued in April and neutered. He is very friendly and outgoing with everyone. He is a big fluff ball and just full of himself.

He loves to play but is old enough to calm down inside and be a great companion for someone. He is just waiting for an application so that we can bring him up north to be adopted. He needs a stay-at-home, preferably a fenced in yard as he love to run around and another dog to play with would be awesome. He has no issues, wonderful collie-like temperament!

AJ is currently being cared for by Save A Dog in Framingham, Massachusetts. Save A Dog, Inc. is an all breed dog rescue and adoption agency. They take in dogs from high-volume shelters and thus save them from being put to sleep. They also take in dogs whose owners no longer want or who have been abandoned.
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