Nearly 700 dogs rescued from puppy mill in Tennessee!

This news comes from the Tennessean...

By MITCHELL KLINE and NANCY STEPHENS • Staff Writers • June 26, 2008

LYLES, Tenn. — Authorities yesterday began seizing nearly 700 dogs in what the Humane Society of the United States is calling the "largest puppy mill rescue ever conducted in Tennessee."

The dogs were taken from Pine Bluff Kennels on Ed Lyell Road in Hickman County, which sells a variety of dog breeds on the Internet. Investigators believe many of the dogs were not being properly cared for.

"We are looking at about 700 animals right now, maybe more will be added to that count," said Stephanie Shain, director of the Humane Society's Stop Puppy Mills campaign. "The conditions are extremely poor. They are typical of a breeding operation like this, what we call a puppy mill."

Shain said investigators saw "considerable buildup of feces in the cages." Many of the dogs did not have water. Shain said some dogs were "clearly suffering from illness or injury," such as skin conditions, eye injuries and broken bones. It's believed that many dogs were never let out of their cages.

Shain said puppy mill dogs typically are sold at prices from $150 to $1,000.

"It is likely that no one who ever purchased a puppy from this operation saw these conditions," Shain said.

Selling puppies on the Internet allows breeding operations to remain out of sight from potential buyers, Shain said. She estimated that there are more than 10,000 "puppy mills" operating in the U.S.

The rescue was set in motion by the Humane Society, which received tips from residents. Kim Helper, district attorney for Hickman, Lewis, Perry and Williamson counties, had investigators build a case against the puppy mill operator, who has not been identified or charged. Read more...
Read more information from the Humane Society of the US, help stop this horrific practice and view this video of the raid...