A great fundraising idea for shelters or rescues!

All rescues and organizations are looking for funds. Funds for maintenance, dog/cat food and supplies, wellness materials and vetting, even office furniture. We found this great story from the Regal Courier that may give you, and your local shelter/rescue a few ideas...

A doggone birthday party aids homeless animals
Tahoe and friends unite to support a dog-rescue group

By Barbara Sherman
The Regal Courier, Jul 30, 2008
Birthday parties are always festive occasions, and at one such party in early July, it was hard to tell who was having more fun - the canine guests or their human friends.

But the birthday celebration on Bull Mountain had a deeper purpose as well - it was a fund-raiser for a dog-rescue group.

About 18 dogs and 30 people gathered at the home of Dianne Hill and Dick Franzke to celebrate the second birthday of Tahoe, an English springer spaniel who has a bit of a claim to fame.

Tahoe, who is owned by Michele and Shane Miller of Tigard, is the son of the 2007 winner of the Best of Show Award at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the annual competition held at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Tahoe might have credentials, but rescue dogs and everyday mutts ruled the roost at the party, where they feasted on doggy birthday cake and enjoyed snacks and treats made especially for them.
The invitations to the party requested that guests bring a small donation for a local animal rescue. Read more of the story here.