Meet Bonnie!

Bonnie is a very striking, two-year old Navajo-Churro ewe. This is a rare conservation breed, with a rich history. She has a pretty, red-brown face and legs, and a long, thick, flaxen fleece. She is a typical, nervous sheep, but seems content when she is with her pal Gene.

We found Bonnie currently being cared for by New Moon Farm Goat Rescue & Sanctuary, in Arlington, Washington. New Moon Farm is an animal shelter and sanctuary located in Arlington, WA. Their six acre farm is home to a small, permanent herd of rescued horses, goats, sheep, cats and dogs, as well as an ever revolving cast of foster animals. Though their primary focus is goat and sheep rescue, they also foster cats, dogs and horses for other recognized rescue organizations, as the need arises. They do not, however, take in horses, dogs or cats directly.

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