Meet Brie!

Brie is a ten month old sweetheart who came to rescue from down south where it is difficult for her to be adopted due to the saturation of her breed - that's okay - she's unique to Minnesota and we love it! Brie has a beautiful dark brindle coat. She walks very well on a leash and gets along with other dogs and kids.

Brie was rescued from a kill shelter where she was going to be put down because she had been hit by a car and had a broken hip - which she has healed from with no problem in rescue care!! She has a very slender, Whippet shaped body, although a little larger, and she can run like the wind!!

We found Brie currently being cared for by Midwest Animal Rescue Services, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Midwest Animal Rescue Services (MARS) is a small but dedicated group of volunteers that rescues dogs and cats who are at risk and homeless through no fault of their own. The MARS organization was formed to reach out and help with "emergency" type situations as well as puppy mill rescues.

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