Meet the goat and the ewe that won't be separated!

These two 'kids' don't have names, and need a furever home! This goat and this ewe need to stay together, can you help?

The Ewe (Scottish blackface mix)is about 4 years old (standard size, no horns), the goat (Alpine-Pygmy mix) is a senior (he is about 70#, altered, dehorned). They have been together since the ewe was a lamb.

The goat needs supervised feeding so the younger ewe doesn't steal his food. Care wise they do need feet checks/trims on a regular basis. The ewe needs shearing yearly, goat needs brushing on occasion. They would come with their hay supply left from the winter, feet trimming tools, feeders, and brushes. They need to go to a good pet home with either very good fencing & shelter and no predator issues or with additional livestock.'

They are currently being cared for by Four Paws First Canine Rescue in Courtenay, British Columbia. For more information about these two friends, click here!