Meet Hermes!

Hermes is a great dog with a thick wire-y coat. He has a Scottie mix size and shape…but his tail is longer. Hermes is lovely mystery pup with a sweet personality.

A tad shy rather than instantly outgoing, Hermes will be a sweetheart in just a few days. He spent three day with a trainer/behaviorist and she says: Give him a day, attention and reassurance and he will quickly blossom into a devoted boy. And, he learned sit as well. Calm, steadfast, happy to be at your side and sit next to you, he will assure your well being with the love in his soulful eyes.

Hermes does very with other dogs; he lives with a flock of tiny terriers – both males and females. He is an excellent companion for human and canine alike. Housetrained and leash trained, he will do best in a calm household. Information on his breeds is below.

We found Hermes currently being cared for by Diana's Grove Dog Rescue, in Bunker, Missouri.

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