Meet Joe!

Joe is a seven year old neutered male Wire Fox Terrier. He is one of three dogs rescued from a mid-West puppy mill.

Joe has lived his entire life in a cage. He’s been in a loving foster home for several weeks and the difference is amazing. He’s learned to use the dog door, loves treats & cuddles, is curious about everything and is ready for his forever home. As most mill dogs, he needs special attention and patience. If you’re ready to open your heart to a Wire in need, you’ll be wonderfully rewarded by parenting Joe.

We found Joe currently being cared for by American Fox Terrier Rescue. American Fox Terrier Rescue is individuals and small groups of unpaid volunteers all over the US and Canada that take in Wire and Smooth Fox Terriers from animal shelters and help re-home dogs being given up by owners. Each group is independent but works together in a network of caring people who love Fox Terriers and want to help these dogs.

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