Meet Lovie!

In Lovie's words...

I am a bearded collie, and my name is Lovie. I followed a very nice man home from a recreational area but I was scared. I was so scared I wouldn't even come to him for over a month. When I finally trusted him enough, he took me to a wonderful vet. He's really an angel here on earth... He and his staff spent hours grooming me and cleaning off all the months of neglect. I had grass seeds that sprouted between my toes. Now grass isn't supposed to grow on a dog, so my body attacked them and well, they abscessed. That's a nice way of saying they were really, really infected and yucky.

The humans at the vet's office were so kind and gentle, well it gave me hope again. And now I am with another angel here on earth, my foster mommy Gail. I wait patiently, hopeful someone will want to give me a home. I get along great with other dogs. I love humans and am a very quiet girl.

And as you can see from my photos, I'm pretty enough to be a movie star! Can I have top billing at your house? forever.....
We found Lovie currently being cared for by Perrys Orphans Sanctuary in Oakland, Arizona. If you are lucky enough to bring Lovie home, don't forget to celebrate with some wine from your wine refrigerators! She's definitely worth celebrating for!

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