Meet one of the Blues Brothers!

This is one of the Blue Brothers and they were born on May 4. They Border Collie puppies and they like to run, play, chew, pee (although they can pretty much hold it through the night now) and poop (mostly outside) and be generally into the mischief.

They like to race around, roll each other over, come when they're called and they're socializing in good style.

One of they is about to be adopted, but the other is ready to go to a new place where the people understand the need to continue socialization, training, finding the right daily job(s) for an active puppy. Someone who's around most of the time. Someone who's patient, understanding and can have fun.

We found the Blue Brothers through Pacific Northwest Border Collie Rescue, a group of select individuals with a common goal: the placement of well-tempered border collies into good homes.

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