Meet Rocky!

Rocky is a 7 year old, red and rust, cropped and docked male who became less and less comfortable around the newly mobile 15 month old toddler in the house. Rocky pined for days after his heartbroken owner left him at the DRU shelter. But dogs are survivors, and Rocky slowly began to eat again and show interest in going out for a walk.

Although he doesn't give himself away easily, Rocky has become very attached to his caregivers. He loves to work, exercise and play, and he knows his commands in both English and Russian. Rocky eats grass like a sheep, chews sticks like a beaver and swims like a fish. His favorite toy is a squeaky rubber hamburger that he will sometimes carry on his walks. Rocky rides well in the car, and has flawless house manners. And best of all, he smiles!

We found Rocky currently being cared for by Doberman Rescue Unlimited, Inc., in Sandown, New Hampshire. They were established in 1988 and are a nonprofit, charitable organization whose purpose is to rescue abused, abandoned and unwanted Dobermans and place them in good, safe and loving homes. They also educate the public about Dobermans and responsible, humane animal care.

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