Meet Rollie!

This beautiful dog is Rollie, short for Rollie Pollie because he's a big goofball, ham of a dog!

Rollie is an energetic, outgoing, over the top friendly, life of the party sort of dude. He is all about living the good life and having some fun. Having great adventures is what he craves, but number one on his list of priorities is finding his human soulmate to share the good times with.

We found Rollie currently being cared for by the Colorado Pit Bull Rescue in Longmont, Colorado. Colorado Pit Bull Rescue is a network of foster homes located throughout Colorado. All of their dogs are in foster homes or local boarding facilities. This gives them a chance to ensure all of our dogs get the vet care they need including vaccinations and spay/neuter. This also gives them a chance to really get to know each dog and get them crate trained, house trained, and help them with basic obedience before they are placed in their permanent homes.

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