Meet Shadow!

Shadow is an absolutely gorgeous ram lamb. He is 113 months of age and is very striking and handsome looking. He is actually more gold looking than these pictures show. He gets along great with our resident goats and sheep and is used to livestock guardian dogs. Shadow, like most sheep, would not be happy being an only sheep so we prefer to place him where there are a few other ewes. He is current on CDT vaccinations and has been dewormed twice. He appears to be healthy and ready for a home.

We found Shadow currently being cared for by Scruffy Dog Rescue, in Sulphur, Oklahoma. They are an established, privately owned, non profit no kill pet sanctuary in southern OK. Scruffy Dog Rescue has been established for the purpose of placing unwanted and unloved dogs and cats in good homes. Despite their name, they do rescue dogs that are smooth coated, cats, poultry and some livestock.

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