Meet Shanti!

He's got a mind of his own! But Shanti would love to be your companion.

He's not the kind of dog who will love just anybody; he likes to get to know you first, make sure you're one of the good guys. He loves to get attention .so long as you don't patronize him. If you do that, he might just walk away. He's a complex "person". He knows what he wants and who he wants it from.

Shanti is fine with most other dogs. And he loves to go on walks and eat. But this isn't a guy who's looking to be someone's silly dog. In fact, he has a history of nipping when he gets excited. So he needs a special home. He needs to meet someone he can relate to, heart to heart. And who will accept him just the way he'll accept you - in all of his complexity.

Currently Shanti is with the Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah.

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