Verizon, can you hear us now?

Our great friends over at In The Shelter of Your Heart pointed this out to us the other day....

All over the country responsible Pit Bull owners are shocked, and disturbed by the recent LG Dare commercial by Verizon Wireless. Featuring two chained Pit Bull Terriers, with the stereotype cropped ears, barking and lunging, the entire point of the commercial (the phone!) is lost in the Fray!

Being compared in chat rooms to the likes of Michael Vick, Verizon may face some backlash from their portrayal of a breed that has been on the cusp of renewed public approval. Although previously available on YouTube, the commercial has been pulled from the site. Is that enough? Some dog owners, not only of APBT's, are demanding some type of public apology.

Perhaps this multi-million dollar corporation could win over it's detractors with a significant donation to the ASPCA to help continue their fight against animal cruelty, including dog fighting, whose primary victims are Pit Bulls and other large breed dogs. You could email, write or call some of the Verizon executives and share your thoughts on their latest ad campaign. For now, concerned persons can visit the petition site, and voice their displeasure with both the commercial and the company behind it.