Way back in the old days :), when Mum was just becoming an adult, she dreamed of traveling the World. Back then she didn't have me, my sis Gracie or my kittie bros Wolfie and Wiggy. She had no ties, the world was her oyster!

She thought about a career in the airline industry, maybe a flight attendant career, thinking that could be a way for her to travel and see all the cities and sites she had read about in school over the years. But it wasn't to be. She has no regrets, she having a great life and really loves having the four of us as her family and working from home, so she can spend all her time with us.

But if you, or your teens, are thinking about a career with an airline, there is a
flight attendant school, that could give you a really great start, and put you on the path for a flight attendant career or an other career in the airline or travel industry.

It could be a great way to fulfill your dreams, travel the World and get paid for it at the same time!