How you can adopt some of the dogs from the West Virginia puppy mill rescue!

Approximately 100 dogs who were rescued from the Parkersburg, West Virginia puppy mill were transported to the Washington, D.C. area the past few days. Some of the dogs will be available for adoption beginning next week. Watch this video for more information.

This news also comes from the Humane Society of Parkersburg:

The dogs that will be available locally are those that are ready to go into new homes right now. Because the community has been so supportive and compassionate, and many of the dogs need to be placed in a rehabilitative setting, there will not be enough ready-to-place dogs to meet the demand. We will begin reviewing the adoption applications we received for the dogs that will remain here beginning on Saturday. We also encourage you to apply to the organizations who will be receiving the dogs. Those organizations are:

We strongly suggest however, that anyone interested in adopting a puppy mill dog should read up on some of the challenges you might expect with such dogs. Please also note that we are finding some genetic congenital disorders which will create even more challenges. Before adoption we strongly encourage you educate yourself about these challenges. We highly recommend reading Rehabilitation of a Puppy Mill Dog.

Best Friends is on hand to help with the rescue of Parkersburg puppy mill dogs.

The Parkersburg community rallys to helps dogs rescued from puppy mill. (From Best Friends)