Yes, insurance. It's not just for cars, or homes anymore. With the increasing cost of pet care here in the us and the UK, pet insurance is very important to every pet owner.

I'm a perfect example of how important pet insurance can be. Throughout my four years of life, I've been attacked by several dogs and required major surgery, got a broken foot at a dog boarding facility, had a serious muscle pull injury doing agility, and a dislocated toe from, well, we're not sure! All of these injuries required extensive veterinary care and rehabilitation to get me running agility again. And this care was not cheap. The broken foot costs $2500, and the dog attack costs over $2000!

Thank Dog we had pet insurance, because the insurance paid for all but $500 of each of these bills. The last thing you want to do is run up those credit cards, paying for veterinary care. There are several types of pet insurance policies; ones that cover health and wellness, and check ups. And ones like we have that just take care of first time injuries and illnesses - it's called a catastrophic policy.

So check out health insurance for your pup, you'll be glad you did!