Keep up the energy!

When we go to agility trials they are sometimes very long days. And we need to keep our energy going for those runs!

Mum gives me treats throughout the day, before and after my runs, not only as a reward but to keep me going all day. Those runs can be very taxing on the body and my energy.

For Mum, she always packs a lunch for herself. She'll maybe bring a banana, sandwich with cheese, some orange juice, but that lunch doesn't always do it for her if the days is really long like some USDAA trials can be. So she's been looking into healthy snack bars to keep her going.

These high protein bars could be just the answer for her to keep her energy up, and get me running at my best on the course. And the all natural energy bar have some great ingredients, like soy and protein. And they are low in calories - always important to keep in shape for agility!