Meet Andrew!

Andrew appears to be a Bearded Collie mix. Whatever his heritage this boy is so very cute, just try and ignore that button nose!! He's a sweetie and we plead that you not delay with Andy... some of the kennel employees noted he was 'lethargic' or not really interested in life... we beg to differ! He did very well outside, possibly house trained, and who wouldn't be depressed in a shelter kennel?! Please give this guy a chance, he's just too cool to be lost forever.

We found Andrew currently being cared for by the Pasadena Animal Control and Adoption, Pasadena, Texas. Pasadena Animal Control & Adoption is a division of Pasadena Health Department. Our goal is for every adoptable animal to find a loving home with responsible caretakers. The dogs and cats adopted through the shelter are meant to be companion animals who have a secure place within the family structure. If you are looking for a pet to enhance your life, please consider one of the many dogs or cats waiting at the shelter for someone to love.

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