Meet Bozo!

Bozo, a Lhasa Apso, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Mix, was a total mess when he was dumped at the shelter - matted and very very dirty, poor boy. He is a sweetie pie and likes other dogs. With the correct grooming he will look like superstar! He has short legs and a long body very similar to a PBGV and he is very playful and can be stubborn at times, so a experienced dog lover would be helpful for him.

We met Bozo through Sparky and the Gang, Long Beach, California. Sparky and the Gang is a not-for-profit charitable group working to rescue dogs and place them in safe, loving homes. Group volunteers rescue primarily dogs but sometimes cats from local pounds, off the streets and from unsuitable homes. They also pull dogs off Los Angeles freeways and from areas in downtown Los Angeles and South Central.

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