Meet Tulip!

Pit Bull Rescue San Diego has countless kind-hearted supporters to thank for making Tulip's second chance at life a reality. This sweetie was dropped off by her owner at a local shelter with a serious yet fixable medical condition (prolapsed rectum - ouch!). PBRSD fell in love with her immediately, but lacked the money to fund her surgery.

The cards were stacked in Tulip's favor that day, because as soon as they sent out a plea for donations, wonderful people started to line up one after the other to help pay for her procedure. Next thing you know, she was resting comfortably in foster care recovering from her surgery. They now report that Tulip is 100% healthy and happy, and has been given her puppy hood back. She loves running and playing with other dogs, getting lots of love from her foster parents, and snuggling up into the nearest lap for nap time.

Tulip continues to thrive in foster care, learning basic obedience and getting the hang of house training. Now all she needs is a forever family who will love her for the little angel that she is.

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