More news about animals being evacuated in prep for Hurricane Gustav!

More evacuation info for animals and pets being evacuated in preparation for Hurricane Gustav:


Petfinder has set up a blog for rescue and shelter organizations, and individuals who have information that would be helpful in the Gulf Area. Here are just a few post excerpts:

August 31, 2008--The Humane Society of South Mississippi will provide a shelter from Hurricane Gustav for domesticated pets on the grounds of Harrison Central High School, at 15600 School Road north of Gulfport, MS starting at 6:00 pm today (Sunday, 8/31/08). The school will open a shelter for humans at the same time.

August 30, has member animal shelters in Louisiana and the Gulf coast. We are in touch with these shelters to find out how they are doing and what we can do to help. Here are some of the updates we've gotten from shelters scrambling to get ready for Hurricane Gustav:


Foster homes needed for shelter pets in St. Tammany Parish
A special request is being made for foster homes for pets currently in the St. Tammany Humane Society. Please call (985) 892-7387 if you can foster a pet
to get them out of the way of possible flooding of the St. Tammany shelter. (Shelter workers say that if necessary you can evacuate with your foster pet.)
Dallas Area:
McKinney, Texas ( — The SPCD of Texas in Dallas and McKinney, Texas are calling on the support of animal lovers everywhere as they prepare to take in the thousands of displaced pets who are facing losing their homes to Hurricane Gustav.

The already overcrowded shelters in Dallas and McKinney have ceased the admission of owner-surrendered pets in order to accommodate the animals who will be soon be without a home due to the natural disaster.

New Orleans area:
Pet shelters emptying cages as Gustav approaches
The Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — An animal shelter sent dozens of stray cats out of towns while pet owners bought supplies for a possible evacuation as Tropical Storm Gustav approached the Gulf of Mexico.

When Hurricane Katrina threatened, and even after it hit, some pet owners refused to go to shelters because their pets couldn't come. Other animals, left with food and water for three days, died because it took nearly a month to pump out the flooded city.

This time, a hurricane shelter in Shreveport will take pets as well as people, Gov. Bobby Jindal said at a news conference Thursday.

One reason shelter animals are leaving so early is in case the staff is needed to help evacuate busloads of pet owners, said Lee Anne Matherne, director of the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter.

Pets weighing less than 15 pounds, such as cats, rabbits and small dogs, can go on their owners' laps if they are in small crates or soft-sided carriers. Others — also in carriers — will follow the buses in temperature-controlled tractor trailers.

"Tomorrow, we're going to be shipping out our shelter animals from Dallas to Atlanta, possibly up to New York," Matherne said Thursday. "That will free us to assist the people-and-pets evacuation."
More from the New Orleans area:
PasadoRescue is on the scene in New Orleans rescuing animals from shelters and rescue organizations. They have been provided a 600 acre farm for their rescue efforts and are in desparate need of volunteers and donations of supplies and money. Here is their website with more information and frequent updates on their activities.
Jefferson Parish area:
News from the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution...The Atlanta Humane Society is offering an alternative by taking 115 dogs and cats from the East Lake Animal Shelter in Jefferson Parrish. The Atlanta shelter on Howell Mill Road will try to find new homes for those animals.

Richard Rice, spokesman for the Atlanta Humane Society, said some of the animals are expected to arrive around noon Sunday. Some animals could be placed immediately in new homes if they’re up to date on shots and spayed or neutered. “We’re making some room [for the additional animals] and asking people to come in and adopt some [Humane] Society pets,” Rice said.
A blog has been created,, by concerned citizens of the pets in the path of Gustav. They indicated they will be providing regular updates from shelters and rescue organizations, as well as monetary and supply needs.