Red Cross is Hounding the Public on Pet Safety during the Dog Days of Summer!

This comes from the American Red Cross!

WASHINGTON, Tuesday, July 29, 2008 — The American Red Cross is launching a new campaign for canines that will help pet owners keep their furry friends safe during the hottest days of summer. The Dog Days of Summer campaign promotes Red Cross pet safety trainings and programs, which are especially important as we enter the peak summer months.

The Dog Days of Summer campaign strives to teach some new tricks to dog owners and caretakers about heat safety, pet first aid and CPR, and disaster evacuation plans. The Red Cross is also encouraging dog owners to cool off during these dog days by diving into the American Red Cross Pet Photo Pool. Get your camera ready and sniff out these instructions to enter our Dog Days of Summer photo contest. Two pet owners will receive a free copy of the Dog First Aid guide and DVD.

“The Dog Days of Summer campaign is a great way to educate the 67 million American dog owners about how to keep their furry family members safe this summer,” said Elisabeth Rohm, actress and American Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet Member.