The Top Ten Reasons for Pet Relinquishment to Shelters!

Every day as we post about a pup from a shelter or rescue looking for their forever home, we run across posts where the pups are in need because their two leggers had relinquished them to the shelter or rescue. It's a very sad situation when someone has to give up their 'best friend.'

Not too long ago the The National Council on Pet Population
Study and Policy
did a study and highlighted The Top Ten Reasons for Pet Relinquishment to Shelters in the United States. Here are their findings:


1. Moving
2. Landlord issues
3. Cost of pet maintenance
4. No time for pet
5. Inadequate facilities
6. Too many pets in home
7. Pet illness (es)
8. Personal problems
9. Biting
10. No homes for littermates


1. Too many in house
2. Allergies
3. Moving
4. Cost of pet maintenance
5. Landlord issues
6. No homes for littermates
7. House soiling
8. Personal problems
9. Inadequate facilities
10. Doesn't get along with other pets

Before you adopt a pet, think long and hard about your life, your lifestyle, and your future. It could mean the matter of life and death for your new potential adoptee.