Meet Rupert!

Rupert is an energetic and bouncy brindle and white 60-pound mastiff/hound-mix. Rupert knows how to sit on command and eagerly waits for a treat which he takes so very gently.

We met Rupert through Chicago A.C.C. in Chicago, Illinois. The Commission on Chicago Animal Care & Control endeavors to demonstrate a dedication to the humane treatment of all animals in Chicago.

For more information about Rupert, click here!

Meet Kiki!

Kiki is a Fox Terrier mix. She is a very high energy dog and would make a great jogging partner. She is friendly and gets along with most of the other dogs after a proper introduction. Kiki is very people friendly and loves attention. She will need a fenced yard or large kennel. Kiki is about 2 1/2 years old and weighs about 20 pounds. She has been spayed, given all her vaccinations including rabies and has been heart worm tested. She has a lot of personality and would make a good pet for an active family.

We met Kiki thorugh Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco, California. Rocket Dog Rescue is a group of dedicated volunteers who save animals from death at over crowded shelters, in cases of neglect, severe trauma, or where there is no hope of rescue.

For more information about Kiki, click here!

Did you know?

Did you know that...

  • Dogs and cats, like humans, are either right or left handed.
  • Nose prints are used to identify dogs, just like humans use fingerprints.
  • At the end of the Beatles' song "A Day in the Life", a high-pitched dog whistle was recorded by Paul McCartney for his sheepdog.
Those are just a few of the amazing, interesting and little known facts about us dogs!

Want to learn more? Visit my Squidoo lens and learn lots more facts about us pups.

Meet Isabelle!

Isabelle is a loving Pekingese girl. She loves people and loves attention. She is still working on her house training but she is cage trained and doesn't bark much. She is cream colored and is current on her shots. She is used to other dogs that are her size, but doesn't like large dogs.

We found Isabelle through Embellish Pets Adoption Group in Canton, Ohio. They are located in North Canton Ohio and their puppies and kittens stay at foster homes until they find their forever home.

For more information about Isabelle, click here!

Habitat for Humanity marks 20th anniversary by hosting a dog house building contest!

We found some great news from WOWK in West Virginia!

Habitat for Humanity Volunteers Build Dog Houses
Story by Nicky Walters

CHARLESTON -- Habitat for Humanity is known for helping people, but Sunday their mission went to the dogs.

The group marked its 20th anniversary by hosting a dog-house building contest. Volunteer teams worked for hours to make the structures without using power tools.

Many of the competitors had no carpentry experience, but they were happy to roll up their sleeves for a good cause. The dog houses will be for sale at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore and the money will be used to help families in need.
I say, buy a bus and bring these kinds of ideas out by the busload!

What a great charitable and fund raising idea! I would love to see some shelters perhaps work with their local builder supply, and local carpenters to put together a project to help raise money for their shelter. You could even bring in some local celebrities to put their celeb touch on the houses, and auction them off to the highest bidder. Celebrities always bring out the media!

It's time for zootoo's shelter makeover II!

Zootoo' first National Pet Shelter Makeover Contest involving nearly 1,000 shelters across the country was such a huge success, they are doing it again!

This isn't the kind of makeover contest where you have to get glammed up, or get into months of healthy cooking, or even hire a makeup artist. This is the kind of makeover to help your shelter be the best place it can be.

This year, the makeover contest is in divided in 3 phases:

In the first one, shelters supporters earn points by being active on zootoo for their affiliated shelter. The top 20 shelters become semi-finalists.

Then, during phase 2, Zootoo and its advisors will tour these shelters and view their condition in order to narrow the 20 Semi-finalists down to 10 Finalists. Then it's on to phase 3, when it will be up to America to vote on the most deserving shelter. The shelter with the highest number of public votes by America will win the makeover! For the complete set of rules, please see the contest rules visit their website.

Any shelter, regardless of size and location can win the contest. Last year 75% of the top 20 were from small communities. Support your local shelter by simply being part of the largest online pet community in America,

So don't be left behind, sign up with Zootoo today, only 167 days left!

Meet Zeus!

Zeus was rescued from a very high kill shelter. Zeus is a big boy and a big baby at heart. He needs some work on manners and leash training, but with a good leader he will be great!

We met Zeus through Alice Acres in Jacksonville, Florida. Alice Acres is an established dog and cat rescue. They started out as a band of independent rescuers and formed alliances with other groups to form a network of individuals working toward rescuing dogs and cats. The animals they rescue come from area Animal Controls and from colonies of cats located in the areas where they live. The furry friends that we have rescued are kept in private homes and once out of quarantine and they are deemed healthy by our vet, they are integrated into our households.

For more information about Zeus, clik here!

Ernie finds his forever home!

Margaret Mead once said,

"Never doubt that a small group
of thoughtful, committed citizens can
change the world.
In fact, it's the only thing that ever has."

Over a year ago, we started this blog, because we wanted to help the pups in shelters and rescues find wonderful homes, just like I did.

We put together the blog, but we needed a mascot. A wonderful, loving, pup that hadn't yet found their forever home, that could be a beacon of hope for all pups needing homes everywhere. So we immediately set out to find our mascot. It sure didn't take long.

I went straight to the shelter folks at the Southside Animal Shelter in Indianapolis to seek their help, because they were the ones that rescued me, put me on Petfinder and helped me find my wonderful family and home. I knew they could help.

The very day that we went to look at the pups we knew the minute we saw Bosco (who is now named, Ernie), that he was our mascot.

This is what Ernie's Petfinder page said about him:
Bosco is a sweet boy who has lots of energy and loves belly rubs! He likes just about everybody but will need a home without small children, 'cause he's got so much energy that he may knock them down without meaning too!

He's just about 1 year young and ready to go have some fun!! Bosco will need a fenced yard and basic obedience training, and would also benefit from daily long walks or even runs once he gets the obedience thing down!
A few weeks ago, we got a very special email. It was from Ernie's new forever Mom. She found our Rescue Me video, and immediately recognized Ernie and emailed us.

Here's what she wrote...
Dear Johann,

I just happened to see your Rescue Me video from November 2007, and my dog Ernie is the first one shown. We adopted Ernie last October (from the Southside Animal Shelter), and he has brought us much joy! Here is a current picture of him - he will be turning 2 next month.

I was delighted and laughed out loud when you told me his original name was Bosco! For fun, I called to him, "Bosco, Bosco, Bosco," and he ran around the house. And now Bosco has become his middle name: Ernie Bosco Shay. It works!

I had a childhood dog, but Ernie is my first dog as an adult. I can't believe he wasn't adopted when he was younger. He is the sweetest, happiest boy you could meet. It was just meant to be for me to adopt Ernie, and I am so grateful.

He loves to play ball and roll around in the grass. We have a big back yard and part of it is attached to a levy which means that one side of the yard has quite a steep hill to it. He loves running to the top of the hill and sliding down on his belly to the bottom. He is all smiles when he does this.

Please let people know Ernie has found a wonderful forever home. I took this picture of him today. It is so cool that Ernie is the Rescue Me mascot. He is very special indeed!

Signed, Ernie's Mom
Very special indeed....Now that's what we live for!

Four Plus Two!

Kroger is partnering with Purina to sponsor a television special about pets and their owners to find the best story about the ways pets enhance people's lives.

Here's info from their website:

Four plus Two: Tales for the pet lover’s heart™ is a celebration of our love for our four-legged friends. Pets. Partners. Companions. They answer to many names. Dogs and cats. Big and small. Old and young, but one thing’s certain – their special place in our hearts and lives. "Four Plus Two: Tales for the pet lover’s heart™" is an integrated program centered on the theme that people and pets make better lives together. The centerpiece is an hour-long television special being produced by Blind Squirrels and sponsored by Purina and Kroger.

In addition to the show, during September and October, the program includes many in-store activities, such as a reusable grocery bag offer at Kroger featuring the art work of CF Payne, a nationally recognized artist who has created the Four Plus Two theme graphics.

A national contest will award one lucky pet owner with a one-of-a-kind commissioned CF Payne original painting celebrating their relationship with their pet.

Four age-specific family activity guides filled with pet-centric activities and facts will be available to download from this site.

Most importantly, Purina and Kroger will contribute $100,000 to animal welfare organizations around the country to help them feed pets who are waiting for their opportunity to share a better life in a permanent home.

Meet Wayne!

Wayne is an 11 mo old Golden Poodle mix located in Oak Park, Illinois. He was too much for his current owner to handle. She has some health problems and he is just too strong for her.

Wayne is a bit shy with new people. He would do best with a family that has experience with dogs, and will take him to obedience classes. Wayne will need to go to a home without young kids. He is a very nervous dog! Wayne is a beautiful doodle but will need someone that will take control and give him a break from feeling like he has to be in control.

We found Wayne through IDOG Rescue Rehome Resource in Indianapolis, Indiana. IDOG Doodle Rehome/Rescue Resources is a program of the International Doodle Owners Group, Inc. (IDOG.Biz) The International Doodle Owners Group, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public charity group.

For more information about Wayne, click here!

Meet Egan!

Egan is approximately seven years of age. He is a wonderful boy and is beautiful with his silver brindle mixed in his black coat. He is going to require some house training and will make a wonderful addition to a household.

He gets along very well with other dogs and is very friendly. It will take him a little time to warm up but when you win him over he is wonderful. With having Egan around you sure won't need allie to keep you slim and trim.

We met Egan through Scottish Terrier Rescue Missouri in Kansas City, Missouri. They are looking for the perfect humans to adopt one of their rescue Scotties, and are completely dedicated to the breed.

For more information about Egan, click here!

Meet Abner!

Abner is a one year old purebred male Schipperke. This small, active dog is a little shy with people. He came from a puppy mill and has not had much experience. He would not be a candidate for a home with kids, but would prefer an adult home.

With some time, training and TLC, he should become a wonderful pet. And the gophers and squirrels will stay away also..what a bonus! An understanding of this breed, which has an interesting history, is a plus and we suggest that you look up this breed online. So what are you waiting for? Pack up your luggage and head on over to see this little one!

We met Abner through All Breed Dog Rescue in Yucaipa, California. All Breed Dog Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing dogs of all breeds and finding good homes for them.

For more information about Abner, click here!

The search continues and help is still needed in Texas!

We've been keeping up-to-date on the rescues and recoveries of the pets and animals in Texas. Here's the latest:

The Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas had taken in many animals rescued and temporarily housed during the storm. They put the word out that nearly 200 animals were going to be euthanized last Saturday. But thanks to many Brazos County residents no animals were put to death. Help is still needed, as more and more animals are being rescued and housed at this kill shelter. Read more from

Despite the ability for evacuees to take their pets with them (through the signing of the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act), many deserted pets are still being found and rescued by many organiztions on the ground in Texas, including Best Friends Rapid Reponse Team. Many pets and animals were left in homes, and on farms, and chained outside to fend for themselves. Read more updates from Best Friend's...

From the Houston SPCA...

The Houston SPCA has been hard at work recovering and caring for animals left behind and relinquished during Ike. The five little terrier-mix dogs had been left behind on Galveston Island by their owner. Alone and frightened they watched as the storm surge began to rush into their home. As the water continued its relentless rise, they jumped to the top of a table and that’s where Houston SPCA rescue teams found them trembling and whimpering in fear.

The high water mark was over their heads and our rescue teams knew in their hearts that these little dogs spent most of the night swimming for their lives. But they had a strong will to live and thanks to the Houston SPCA, they also have a second chance at life. Read more about their rescue efforts and how you can help...
From the HSUS...
More than 10 days after Hurricane Ike struck their vulnerable shore, the residents of Bolivar Peninsula will be allowed to return home tomorrow for the first time.

Members of The HSUS disaster response team will be on hand conducting community outreach and handing out flyers instructing pet owners what to do if they lost a pet during the storm. Read more about the Humane Society of the United States' efforts...
The Texas AgriLife Extension Service continues to raise funds and is purchasing basic items to support surviving, displaced livestock, including hay, troughs, and panels. To make a cash or credit card donation for Operation No Fences: Hurricane Ike Horse and Cattle Relief, call 979-845-2604 or go to and follow the prompts.

From the Houston Chronicle...
For Operation Save a Life, the Houston SPCA is asking local residents to take in a homeless animal for 10 days, offering the comforts of home and making room for animals that are still arriving from Galveston and other devastated areas.

Shelter staffers hope the pets will be reunited with their owners. But that may not happen. So after 10 days, the volunteer family can keep the pet or bring it back for adoption. Sunday, 45 foster homes were found for evacuee pets from Galveston. Read more...
From ScienceMode...
On Monday afternoon, HSMO Disaster Response Team member Tim Rickey reported that mold is becoming a factor in the health of many of the rescued pets. They are developing respiratory problems on top of dehydration and starvation caused by mold growing in hot and humid conditions inside many of the abandoned homes. One rescued cat was found trying to keep cool in the sink of an abandoned home. It was rescued by the HSMO when its cries were heard coming from inside the home.

In another side of the animal rescue story, owners can now search an online database for their lost pets. The Disaster Response Pet Portal (click here) is a joint effort of the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Pethealth Inc. and Pets911.

The database is updated every 15 minutes as animals are rescued and lost animal reports come in. Owners who find their pets in the database can call the hotline at (713) 435-2990. Their information will then be added to the animal’s file to speed up the process of being reunited with their pet.
STEPHENVILLE -- Appropriately nicknamed "Miss Doolittle" when she was just 5 years old, Birgit Sommer is taking in orphans from Hurricane Ike.

...she was then contacted by the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council and learned that more than 900 baby squirrels had been dropped off at the nonprofit Wildlife Rehab & Education in Houston. Some of the squirrels are being sent to animal rescue centers around Texas. Read more...
From KHOU in Houston...
GALVESTON, Texas—Members of Galveston’s Humane Society returned to their offices for the first time Monday. The building on Broadway still had about two feet of water in it, but some goldfish left behind survived the storm.

More than 700 animals that the society helped rescue on the Island are being housed at a facility on 53rd Street. The Humane Society recommends residents visit to see if their pet is at the shelter.
From the ASPCA...
The ASPCA has dispersed and pledged more than $75,000 in grant funding to organizations in Texas and Louisiana following Hurricanes Ike and Gustav, in addition to deploying a team of disaster response experts to assist both states. The grant funding covers recovery costs, as well as transportation assistance, distribution of food and supplies, and other needs. Read more about their efforts...
More from Best Friends...
All pets rescued by the Best Friends team are taken to the dress is Galveston County Health District Animal Control Shelter in Texas City. Many are then cared for by Shelter Buddies, a local rescue group that is continuing the work they did before the storm: fostering, helping with medical care, reuniting pets with their families, and finding new homes for displaced dogs and cats.

The shelter is in need of supplies such as pet food, flea treatment, de-wormer, disposable kitty litter pans and collapsible wire cages. The shelter’s address is Galveston County Animal Shelter, 3412 Loop 197 North, Texas City, TX 77590. Read more...

I was featured in Petfinder's email newsletter!

We've been receiving's email newsletter for at least a couple of years now. We love the information they provide; and it helps keep us up to date to provide you more information.

If you didn't know, my Mum found me on Petfinder back in 2004 when I was 12 weeks old. So the folks at Petfinder, as well as the folks at the Southside Animal Shelter who rescued me, are both near and dear to my heart!

So imagine my surprise when Mum and I opened our email this morning and found my pic in their newsletter for this month! Yep, I was featured in's email newsletter. Check it out (you can click on the pics to enlarge)!

Wow, do I feel honored! Thanks Petfinder!

Meet Pixie!

Pixie is just as sweet but loves to play! She knows how to throw her own ball and will chase it around the house. She is also very affectionate, but more independent than Focus. She likes to play and run and do dog things and would really like an active home. She likes to travel and go to the dog park.

Pixie is also crated trained, house trained, does well on the leash but will pull a little, does well with other small dogs and people. She is a little fearful of big dogs. She zooms around the house and yard and would make an excellent agility dog. She is exceptionally smart and likes to problem solve. She has amazingly acne free skin, and is approximately three years old.

We met Pixie through Crest-Care Inc. in Trenton, New York. Crest-Care Inc. is a group of individuals living throughout the Unites States and Canada who locate, transport, rescue, foster, provide veterinarian care and rehabilitates Chinese Cresteds in need until they can be rehomed to suitable, well screened homes where they will thrive.

For more information about Pixie, click here!

The Trenton Thunder helps pups find homes!

More great news from

Homeless Dogs Score Homerun at Ballpark
By Joey Wahler
TRENTON, N.J. -- The New York Yankees’ Double-A baseball team is not only grooming prospects for the Major Leagues, it is also improving the prospects of dogs being adopted.

At Trenton Thunder games, players are not the only ones trying to reach home. Between innings, one dog per game that needs a new home is shown on the field by a local shelter. On the night we recently visited, the dog on display was a six-year-old Labrador Retriever mix, named Odie.

Patience Purdy, the Thunder’s assistant ticket director, coordinates the team’s adoption program, now in its second season.


What a great idea! What a great break from watching auto insurance compare advertisements on the billboards and the Jumbotron!

If you are are a shelter or rescue organization near a larger city, we encourage you to pitch this idea to your local teams. It's a great idea for exposure for the pups and your organization!

Will Chihuahuas be victims of movie fans' interest?

We found this great article from the Chicago Sun-Times...

'Dogs are not accessories'
Will Chihuahuas be victims of movie fans' interest?

September 23, 2008
They're cute, feisty and like to give kisses.

They're portable, too.

They're tiny, fearless and tough to own, but Chihuahuas aren't toys.

The Oct. 3 release of the Disney movie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" has animal advocates worried that people will buy the breed -- and then dump dogs at shelters.

Call it the "101 Dalmatians" phenomenon.

"Everybody was out looking for Dalmatians, and then about a year later, we were getting tons of Dalmatians," said Linda Estrada of the Animal Welfare League, which has shelters in Chicago Ridge and at 6224 S. Wabash.

Movies can be "the worst thing that can happen to a breed," said Bonnie Beaver, past president of the Schaumburg-based American Veterinary Medical Association.

She ticked off films and TV shows that caused surges in interest: " 'Lady and the Tramp' [cocker spaniel]; 'Rin Tin Tin' [the German shepherd]; 'Lassie' [collie]; 'Frasier' [Jack Russell terrier] -- it happens every time."

"You see a breed in a movie and people erroneously think it's representative of all dogs of that breed," said Lisa Peterson of the American Kennel Club. "These dogs are highly trained professional canine actors, and it takes a lot of work to get them that way.

"Dogs are not accessories," Peterson added. "And Chihuahuas, in particular, can live to be 20 years old. It's almost like a mortgage."

Watch the trailer of the new movie, being released in theaters this October 3rd.

Please heed this notice and share it with others! And if you're a rescue or shelter please screen your potential adopters carefully during this time. Chihuahuas aren't babies, with baby clothes; and certainly deserve the best home for their entire lives.

For more information about the latest and greatest movies about dogs, visit my Squidoo lens!

St. Frances of Assisi and animal blessings!

Saint Francis of Assisi (September 26, 1181 - October 3, 1226) was a Roman Catholic friar and the founder of the Order of Friars Minor, more commonly known as the Franciscans.

He is known as the patron saint of animals, birds, and the environment, and it is customary for Catholic churches to hold ceremonies honoring animals around his feast day of October 4.

On this day, throughout the world, Christians everywhere celebrate the feast of St. Francis of Assisi by blessing their pets. Animal Blessings are held on this day and other days throughout the country. They are organized and held through Humane Societies, Catholic Churches and animal welfare organizations. Check your local organizations for a Blessing near you, or visit my Squidoo lens to find out more information and other locations throughout the country for upcoming Animal Blessings.

This has been a rough year for animals throughout the World! We sure wish we could find thousands and thousands of moving pods to round up every animal and get them the blessings they deserve.

The Prayer of Saint Francis is a Christian prayer for Peace widely attributed to the 13th century Saint Francis of Assisi, although the prayer in its present form cannot be traced back further than 1912, when it was printed in France in French, in a small spiritual magazine called La Clochette (The Little Bell), as an anonymous prayer, as demonstrated by Dr Christian Renoux in 2001. The prayer has been known in USA since 1936. Listen to this wonderful rendition by Sarah McLachlan.

Writers help shelter pups!

We found this news from and had to share it with you! And be sure and check out Berkeley Breathed's classic book "Flawed Dogs," the annual publication of the fictional "Last Chance" Dog Pound, in the small town of Piddleton, Vermont.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A postcard with a burned beagle’s picture on the front -- eyes staring up at the recipient that seemed to question why he was burned. That image propelled writer, author and artist Berkeley Breathed to create stories and messages of animal advocacy.

While the love of his pets Earl and Mooch inspired Patrick McDonnell to create his stories -- most recently, a collection called “Shelter Stories.” Earl, his Jack Russell Terrier, recently passed away.

“He lived till he was 19-years-old,” McDonnell said. “I felt if I could capture his spirit and joy of life, I accomplished my job.”

Both artists use what is mostly seen as a whimsical medium to pass on serious messages about animal advocacy, welfare, cruelty and adoption.

Breathed’s recent creation, “Flawed Dogs” is based on a cast of characters that might be found in a shelter near you. The idea came to him after an animal story-filled day: he saw a picture of a beagle who won the Westminster Dog show, and later that same day, a picture of one of Michael Vick’s fighting dogs that was saved in a Utah shelter.


Safe and environmentally friendly critter control!

If you're a dog, you love critters. Squirrels, mice, ground hogs, geese, rabbits, skunks and more!

But if you're like my Mum, you don't like them in your yard. Why doesn't Mum like them? For one thing, they make us go crazy wild! And for another, we like to eat their poo after they've been in our yard. And Mum hates that!

So what's a dog to do about critter control? Especially one, like me, that doesn't believe in harmful methods of deterring wildlife? We found an answer today. It's the Havahart® Spray Away - Motion Activated Water Repellent! What is that you say?

The Havahart® Spray Away is a little machine that's hooked up to your hose. When a critter comes into your yard, the machine senses the animal by heat and movement and sprays a clean, harmless and effective stream of water to keep them out of your hard.

The gadget has 180-degree motion and can repel deer, squirrels and all those other pesky critters I mentioned in about a 1,000 square foot area.

The unit comes even comes with an extra garden hose attachment, so multiple hoses can be run to create a system of deterrent. And it only requires a 9-volt battery, that will last up to about six months.

Now for a green dog, like me, this is the type of stuff I love to see. It's sad that some folks will resort (illegally in many cities) to chemical deterrents and even poisons to keep the critters away. Our neighbor did, and my kittie bros had to stop going in our back yard because the mice would eat the poison and then come into our yard. It was very, very dangerous!

So check it out if you've got critters that need some controlling!

Meet Ragu!

Ragu is a five month old playful puppy. He is attentive to sights and agreeable on the leash. Ragu is an energetic puppy who is ready for training. Microchipping is now available free with adoption.

We found Ragu currently being cared for by Fayette County Animal Shelter in Peachtree City, Georgia. At the Fayette County Animal Shelter they take pride in their services and animals. They maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between strays and the safety of our community by having a proactive approach to what has become a perpetual problem, homeless animals.

For more information about Ragu, click here!

Meet Mac!

Mac is a 5 year old neutered lab mix that was confiscated by animal control due to abuse and neglect. He was starved, had heart worms and non-contagious mange which was causing some skin rashes. Due to his horrific living conditions, his immune system has been seriously compromised, but he is on his way to becoming healthy – we are just waiting for all his fur to finally grow back and it will grow back! He’s turning into quite the handsome boy. He is receiving allergy shots which we hope will help clear up the skin condition also.

He is a very sweet dog, but does need someone that will be patient with him and understand what his previous life was like. He has gotten along well with his foster’s three submissive dogs and also deferred to a second foster dog in the house, a somewhat alpha female. However, he is not good with all dogs, and would do best in a home as an only dog, or with another submissive dog.

Mac is currently being cared for by Lab Rescue of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac, They are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization (Non-Profit Tax I.D. 52-1880024) with a two-fold mission: (1) to rescue, foster and place homeless, abused, and/or abandoned Labrador Retrievers (and Golden Retriever-Labrador Retriever mixes) and (2) to provide a referral service for owners seeking to place their Labradors in new homes.

For more information about Mac, click here!

Meet Kylie!

Kylie is a one year old Border Collie. She's is a love bug who wants to climb in your lap for attention. She loves to run and chase and play with other dogs but really wants to be with her person. She is eager to interact with everyone. Kylie can be timid at first but easily adjusts to positive attention. She'll do best with another more gentle dog as a companion who can be her friend and also give her more confidence. She is about 35 pounds and not yet tested on cats. She came from the New England area.

We met Kylie through Glen Highland Farm. They are a 501c3, non-profit New York corporation, established in January 2001 by Lillie Goodrich who currently acts as Executive Director. Glen Highland Farm is a 175 acre nature sanctuary in upstate New York that was created to protect animals from cruel and inhumane situations and to foster and promote the positive principles of nonviolence between children and their environment through the human/animal/nature relationship.

For more information about Kylie, click here!

Meet Pete!

Pete was 3 years old in February. He's a tall boy and his coat color is a lighter shade of red and he can grow a lot of it! He's neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, heartworm negative and on preventative, and microchipped. Pete is house and crate-trained and rides well in a car. He has a history of going under a split-rail with wire fence and going on adventures - so now that he knows he can do that, he needs a home with a very sturdy fence, like a wood privacy fence. He knows sit and come - and he's working on his manners. He does well with older children

We met Pete through Magnolia Setter Rescue in Umatilla, Florida but he is located in North Carolina. Magnolia Setter Rescue is a network of volunteers who protect and promote the Setter breeds (Gordon, Irish, English, and Irish Red & White). Their mission is to help save Setter lives throughout the State of Florida and in many other states that we are able to cover.

For more information about Pete, click here!

More on animal rescue and shelters - Hurricane Ike!

More news has been filtering in about the status and welfare of animals and pets effected by Hurricane Ike. Here's a recap:

From the Galveston County Daily News...

Police and members of the Texas Army National Guard rescued three dogs, two cats and a lizard Monday from a veterinarian office after the animals survived the storm surge of Hurricane Ike. Read more...

88 more pets rescued on Galveston Island. Volunteers set up a temporary shelter in the police substation, bringing trailers full of food, cages, leashes and medicine with them. Truckloads of supplies continued to arrive throughout the afternoon.

By 4 p.m. Tuesday, police officers and 23 volunteers, searching on foot across the island, had collected 82 animals. They were rescued from rooftops, inside homes and roaming the streets, officials said. Read more...
Shackle, an 11-year-old African lioness, lies on an altar at the First Baptist Church in Crystal Beach, Texas. She and her owner waded through flood waters to the church after they were unable to make it off Bolivar Peninsula prior to Hurricane Ike's landfall. (Tony Gutierrez / AP)
The Humane Society of the US has been working in Beaumont and Dallas areas rescuing many animals who were left by residents who haven't been able to return to their homes as yet. Read more about their rescue efforts and watch this vid:

From the Houston Chronicle...
Corralling loose animals continued Tuesday along with air and land surveys in Chambers and Jefferson counties continued; Orange and Liberty counties haven't yet been searched.

Yesterday, agriculture officials estimated as many as 20,000 cows and horses were roaming the region. About 15,000 cows have been sighted, officials said. Rescues are continuing and donations of supplies and feed are needed.

Twenty percent of those — about 4,000 cows — did not survive the storm, said Andy Vestal, Texas AgriLife Extension Service liaison to the State Operations Center for Hurricane Ike. Read more...
From MyFox Houston...
The Houston Humane Society (HHS) says it sustained minimal damage as a result of Hurricane Ike. The HHS is currently caring for nearly 500 animals, even though it has no electricity and is running entirely by generators.

Due to its ability to care for and house animals throughout the storm, the HHS has taken in animals from Pasadena Animal Control, LaPorte Animal Control, and animals from several other municipalities.

The shelter still has room for more strays, however, it is rapidly running low on food for the animals and is in desperate need of food, towels, and water for the animals.

The HHS needs donations to properly care for all of the animals. If you are interested in donating, you can either go by their location or email. Houston Humane Society, 14700 Almeda Rd., Houston, TX 77053, Read more...
A tiger is on the loose in Galveston County, Galveston County Judge Jim Yarbrough said Tuesday. The animal escaped from its enclosure at an exotic pets center, Yarbrough said. Read more...
From the Associated Press...
In the first major Gulf hurricanes since Katrina, officials in cities across Texas say housing the furry, feathered and scaly loved ones of evacuees has for the most part gone well.

Health regulations prohibit the creatures from living in the same rooms as people, so some cities provide transportation so evacuees can visit their pets at animal shelters. That gives them something to do and makes them feel better during a time of upheaval, officials said.

In Austin, officials drop off pet supply kits — including carrying crates and waste disposal bags — before evacuees even arrive at the shelters. Other cities have adopted similar models.

Fort Worth keeps evacuees' pets at the city animal shelter and provides free microchips for the critters to make sure they will be matched with their owners.

Evacuees staying at the Dallas Convention Center can play and cuddle with their pets at another area of the complex just across the street.

The SPCA of Texas took in about 300 animals from Louisiana shelters before Gustav hit earlier this month, then accepted 235 more from South Texas shelters in Ike's path last weekend. That's in addition to the 500 cats and dogs already at the SPCA's two shelters in Dallas and McKinney.

Animal rescue groups in other states helped out by taking some of those cats and dogs, but several hundred remain at the Dallas-area shelters — as well as in other cities. They are up for adoption and won't return to their former shelters, which have to make room for any stranded pets found in the hard-hit cities along the Gulf Coast. Read more...

On vacation at Best Friends!

For those that know us, you know we are a big fan of Best Friends Animal Society.

They do a lot, and I mean a lot of work to help pups (and other animals) in need. From taking in some of the most challenging Michael Vick dogs, to helping those pups sick and in need, to providing disaster relief; it's just the tip of the iceberg on how much work they do at the Sanctuary and at DogTown.

You can see a bit about what Best Friends does on the the television series, DogTown, Fridays at 10PM ET/PT on the National Georgraphic channel. The program follows dogs during their journey at DogTown. It's not to be missed!

For just a peak, check out this video; Summer fun at DogTown:

Meet Skyler!

Skyler is a playful, energetic, and affectionate 10-month old male Husky. He was a stray for a little while, and then went to a shelter. Somewhere along the way he contracted heartworms. He has successfully been treated with no ill effects but will need some extra vet check-ups for the next few months.

Skyler is somewhat dominant, and will need an experienced, strong Husky owner who will exercise him regularly, he runs well on leash and 5 or 6 miles a day is just fine with him. He loves to play with female Huskies but probably should not go to a home with other male dogs, small animals, or children. He is extremely smart, knows some basic commands and is housebroken. But you can bet that Skyler won't need drug rehab or alcohol rehab, he's got his act together!

We met Skylar through Polaris Siberian Husky Rescue. Polaris (or the North Star) Siberian Husky Rescue was founded in 1987 by Ingrid Simpson, when a very large husky named Kodi came to her house. Through the years they have grown, helping more and more dogs find forever-families. Since 1997 theye have been a member of All Breed Rescue, which is a statewide non-profit organization of about 40 different breed-specific rescue groups.

For more information about Skylar, click here!

Meet Johnny!

Johnny, a terrier mix, is currently being cared for by the Houston SPCA. The Society is very full because of rescues they have taken in due to the devastation of Hurricane Ike.

From their website..."The wrath of Hurricane Ike left a site of mass destruction at the Galveston County Animal Shelter in Texas City. the Houston SPCA's Disaster Response team lead by Chief Investigator , Charles Jantzen stepped in on Saturday afternoon to rescue 77 dogs, 65 cats, one rabbit, some parakeets and a pelican along with other wildlife that sheltered in place with staff when the hurricane hit. The high winds and pounding rain ripped holes in the ceilings, causing sheets of water to pout into the shelter leaving behind slick floors and soaked animals. The air conditioner went out due to the power outage in the city causing the animals to survive without sufficient ventilation for hours upon arrival they were moved into the facility where they were provided with food, water and shelter.

The animals were transported to the Houston SPCA in a 48 foot air conditioned trailer. Hours upon arrival they were moved into the facility where they were provided with food, water and shelter. Hours before being rescued by the Disaster Response Team, one cat had given birth to kittens. There are many litters of puppies and kittens in the group along with adult cats and dogs who need loving homes. Many of the animals will be up for adoption at the Houston SPCA, as they will have to take shelter in Houston until their home in Texas City is back to normal."

If you can help the Houston SPCA, or adopt one of the pups, please contact them.

Shelter from the storm!

In some parts of Texas, the rath of Hurricane Ike has been devastating. Thanks to many animal rescue organizations, the pups that have been left homeless, and left without a shelter are being rescued and cared for in shelters throughout Texas. Land and water teams are on the move in southeast Texas communities helping the pups stranded from the storm.

Here is the latest updated news. If you have additional news, please leave us a comment with your information, and we'll post it as soon as possible.

The Humane Society of the United States was one of the first responders for animal rescue on the scene.

At the Humane Society of Southeast Texas shelter, a small and dedicated group of volunteers had scant resources to do much for the 125 animals they were caring for.

The shelter had no power, and many of the dogs seemed to be rattled and on edge after their ordeal.

They ranged from tiny six-week-old kittens to adult cats and many mid-sized dogs.

Using a 75-foot HSUS trailer capable of housing and transporting 200 or more animals in individual prefabricated cages, responders carried the animals to new quarters to free up space for more rescued animals who began arriving Monday afternoon.

HSUS teams are expecting to bring in many more over the next few days. Read more...
This news comes from the Beaumont Enterprise...

Humane Society assisting with Southeast Texas shelters
By Ashley Sanders
The Humane Society of the United States’ Animal Rescue Team is preparing to take in Orange County animals currently housed in temporary shelters.

Many shelters in the county were devastated by Hurricane like. Teams will be operating in Beaumont, Bridge City, Port Arthur and Sabine Pass.

The Humane Society of Southeast Texas is in need of the following donations: Monetary donations, towels, newspapers, Generators, fuel (diesel, regular), use of sleeping quarters (RVs), large fans, human food, bottled water, outdoor kennels and veterinary supplies.

Please call 409-838-2510 if you are interested in donating any of these items. Read more...
This info comes from

Houston SPCA Shelters Region's Animals From Hurricane Ike
By Catherine Donaldson-Evans
Noah would feel right at home at the Houston SPCA, which has taken in about a thousand animals from communities enduring a major beating from Hurricane Ike.

In addition to hundreds of dogs and cats, the shelter collected horses, ducks, goats, iguanas and even a bear as part of its menagerie in the days leading up to the storm — which crashed ashore before dawn Saturday.

Click here for more information from the Houston SPCA.

Houston SPCA President Patricia Mercer compared it to the Biblical ark, and the rescue center has taken in the Galveston Island Humane Society animals as well as those from the Brazoria County and Bay Area SPCA in Galveston County, she said. Some of the staff from the other organizations accompanied the critters to Houston.

To prepare for the influx, Houston moved about 300 of its own animals up for adoption to other shelters in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and San Antonio and set up an animal rescue hotline. (Those needing help with their pets can call 713-861-0161 or toll-free 877-661-0161.) Read more...
This news comes from the Houston SPCA...
The wrath of Hurricane Ike left a site of mass destruction at the Galveston County Animal Shelter in Texas City. the Houston SPCA's Disaster Response team lead by Chief Investigator , Charles Jantzen stepped in on Saturday afternoon to rescue 77 dogs, 65 cats, one rabbit, some parakeets and a pelican along with other wildlife that sheltered in place with staff when the hurricane hit. The high winds and pounding rain ripped holes in the ceilings, causing sheets of water to pout into the shelter leaving behind slick floors and soaked animals. The air conditioner went out due to the power outage in the city causing the animals to survive without sufficient ventilation for hours upon arrival they were moved into the facility where they were provided with food, water and shelter.

The animals were transported to the Houston SPCA in a 48 foot air conditioned trailer. Hours upon arrival they were moved into the facility where they were provided with food, water and shelter. Hours before being rescued by the Disaster Response Team, one cat had given birth to kittens. There are many litters of puppies and kittens in the group along with adult cats and dogs who need loving homes. Many of the animals will be up for adoption at the Houston SPCA, as they will have to take shelter in Houston until their home in Texas City is back to normal.

The Houston SPCA's Animal Response Disaster Hotline will be staffed from 10 am to 6 pm daily to field lost and found reports, rescue reports, and to offer animal related information. The number is 713-435-2990. Messages left after hours will be returned promptly the next morning. Read more and continuing updates...
The PetSitUSA blog reports...
Southpaws Playschool, in Austin, is currently sheltering seven dogs from the Gulf Coast Bully Breed Rescue Group. The dogs won’t be able to go back to the coast–their shelter is gone. Materially and healthwise, Southpaws is okay, but they are looking for bully breed contacts to get these dogs into foster homes or (better yet) permanent homes.

If anyone is able to help these dogs out, or knows of someone who does bully rescue in the Austin area, please contact Sonya at Southpaws Playschool. She can be reached at 512-440-7529.
This news from the Houston Chronicle this morning...

Some cats, dogs headed to McKinney shelter
© 2008 The Associated Press
Sept. 16, 2008, 3:58AM
McKINNEY, Texas — More than 100 dogs and cats sheltered in Beaumont after Hurricane Ike will be available for adoption at the SPCA of Texas.

The SPCA late Monday announced 75 dogs and 33 cats were being transported to the group's animal care center in McKinney, about 30 miles north of Dallas.

The animals were at a shelter in Beaumont, and available for adoption. The transfer will allow Beaumont Animal Control to respond to animals in need along the Texas coast.

Hurricane Ike made landfall Saturday.

The SPCA continues its adoption discount on large dogs and adult cats to make room for animals evacuated from the hurricane until further notice.

Both the Dallas and McKinney SPCA locations are closed until further notice to receive the Ike transfers.
In this video members of the International Fund for Animal Welfare's Emergency Rescue team save a submerged dog from the waters of hurricane Ike in Louisanna. reports...
They are launching the Power to the Paws program through the Foundation to donate $1,000,000 worth of power generators to Petfinder member shelter and rescue groups to help them prepare for disasters. These generators are lifesavers in times of trouble. Read more...
Also Petfinder and IFAW working on pet water rescues...
As of Saturday morning, the International Fund for Animal Welfare had set up the Foundation's emergency pet rescue van in lower Louisiana and was busily assisting the Louisiana State Animal Rescue Team with pet rescues in Louisiana. Read more...
From the North Shore Animal League...
Working in cooperation with the Humane Society SPCA of Bexar County, we will assist several shelters whose animals have been evacuated from the direct path of Hurricane Ike. Our rescue efforts will help alleviate dangerously overcrowded conditions. We will transport many animals back to the Animal League where they will be adopted into loving homes. Read more...
From American Humane...
The American Humane Association has deployed its Red Star Animal Emergency Services™ team and equipment to Texas to assist as needed with field assessments and search-and-rescue and sheltering operations for animals affected by Hurricane Ike. American Humane began deploying Saturday at the request of the Texas State Animal Response Team (TexSART) and the Texas Animal Health Commission. Read more...
News from KVUE in Austin...
More than 100 animal evacuees find shelter in Austin. Humans are not the only ones forced from their homes by Hurricane Ike.

More than 100 dogs, cats and other creatures are staying in temporary shelter at the Austin Humane Society as their owners wait to go home to the coast.

"I said please take care of my babies, they're my babies," said Nora Smallwood, an evacuee from Galveston. Owners are staying at more than two dozen shelters around Austin. But they are bused up to twice a day to visit their pets at the Austin Humane Society. Read more...

Hurricane Ike evacuees seek animal safe havens
By: Clair Lavender
The Brazos County Emergency Management Team has been working with the Brazos Animal Shelter and the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine to shelter Hurricane Ike evacuees' large and small animals. Many victims of both Rita and Katrina refused to leave animals, which put evacuees in danger. Federal law now allows evacuees to bring pets and livestock with them.

Livestock and pets made the 96 mile trip from Houston over the weekend and have been leaving in the same fashion. Thursday and Friday evacuees headed to Veteran's Park where they were directed to the appropriate shelter depending on the size of the animal. Larger animals were sent to the Expo Center west of Bryan/College Station on Leonard Road while smaller animals were sent to the Riverside Campus Shelter. Read more...
From and the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC):
Animal response to Hurricane Ike continues to be a team effort, as the issues are much larger than the resources of any one agency or association. The TAHC statewide has worked with the livestock industry to establish sites for emergency shelters, and with local governments, agencies, and associations to develop animal issues committees.

The Texas Animal Health Commission is supporting the disaster district committees in the affected area with persons who have animal and livestock expertise. The agency has established a small area command in the Austin headquarters, and is one of more than 30 agencies in the Governor's Division of Emergency Management. The TAHC's Area Command can be reached at 800/550-8242, ext 296. Read more...
From WOAI in San Antonio...
The City of San Antonio's Animal Care Services has opened a second Emergency Pet Shelter as Gulf Coast residents continue to flee Hurricane Ike and seek refuge in San Antonio.

The shelter has been set up at Freeman Coliseum and will be able to house additional animals, including livestock.

ACS opened the shelter after the Stinson Emergency Pet Shelter reached capacity. The Stinson shelter currently has 520 pets, including dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, iguanas and several turtles. Read more...
Other news...

The Houston SPCA has launched the Animal Rescue line to report lost or found animals and to report animal related information. The Animal Rescue line will remain open until 6 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m.-6:00 p.m. in the following days. The Pet Hotline phone number is 713-861-0161.

The Waco Humane Society is currently sheltering over 200 pets in the wake of Ike. Drop off and pick up information is available on their website.

The Austin Humane Society has activated its Emergency Pet Sheltering Services in conjunction with the City of Austin to assist with Hurricane Ike Evacuations. They are now housing iver 105 pets (dogs, cats, turtles, birds, and a guinea pig and an iguana – just to name a few…) from evacuees staying in emergency shelters.

Meet Hanna!

Hanna is a cute 5 year old white female. She is now retired (from breeding). She would like to be in your lap most of the time. She is just craving attention. She has been spayed, had her teeth cleaned, she's up to date on her shots, heartworm tested, microchipped and she has been groomed. Hanna has not been tested around children and she is not used to walking on a leash. Hanna's owner must be willing to take her through a basic dog obedience class and provide proof of completion within four months of the adoption.

We met Hanna through Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic in Laurel, Maryland. Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic rescues miniature schnauzers in need and places them into pre-screened homes. They rescue and place miniature schnauzers in the Mid-Atlantic region including Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.

For more information about Hanna, click here!

Meet Blake!

Blake is a big character in a small package. He is a peanut-sized 5-pound black and white male Papillon who has obviously been through a lot. He was rescued from a shelter that took him off the street as a stray. He was in the shelter well over a month, during which time he was never let out of a small cage. Because of this confinement, his rear legs atrophied a bit but he is now strong enough to run and play and keep up with the other dogs in the pack.

We met Blake through the Papillons and Playmates (PAPS) rescue in Vista, California. They are a not-for-profit organization that takes in needy Papillons, Pap mixes, and, whenever possible, some of their “playmates”. Their goal is to make the ideal match between dog and adopter by taking many things into consideration, but most importantly the needs of the dog.

For more information about Blake, click here!

Meet Angel!

Angel is a very active and energetic girl who is looking for an owner with previous dog experience to take a leadership role and teach her to be on her best behavior. Angel loves to run and jump and get plenty of exercise. She is also a very loving and affectionate, you may just need baby bedding, to cuddle with this cuddle bug! So please be an angel and make this girl yours.

We found Angel currently being cared for by North Shore Animal League American in Port Washington, New York. North Shore Animal League America is in putting out a plea for help. Their 40 ft. Mobile Rescue Unit, manned by our Emergency Response Team, is en route to Texas to provide relief to area shelters in the affected region where the situation is dire. Working in cooperation with the Humane Society SPCA of Bexar County, they will assist several shelters whose animals have been evacuated from the direct path of Hurricane Ike. Their rescue efforts will help alleviate dangerously overcrowded conditions. They will transport many animals back to the Animal League where they will be adopted into loving homes.

For more information about Angel, click here!

Pedigree Foundation grant applications being applications through September!

Our good friends at In the Shelter of Your Heart reminded us that the Pedigree Foundation is accepting grant applications. There are new funding opportunities that are available through the Foundation for shelters and breed rescues across the country through the newly-established Pedigree Adoption Drive Foundation.

They are accepting grant requests through their online web application process. All shelters and breed rescues with 501(c)(3) status are encouraged to apply. Applications will be reviewed and approved by the foundations Board of Directors. Grants then will be distributed based on foundation monies raised, number of applicants, the size of each shelter/breed rescue organization and how many dogs it helps. The deadline for all grant applications is September 30, 2008.

Here we go again - Hurricane Ike!

As Hurricane Ike bears down on the Texas Gulf Coast, many rescue organizations preparing for assisting the pups, pets and other animalse.

A team of disaster services staff and volunteers from The Humane Society of the United States is already on the ground in Texas with heavy equipment to assist in the evacuation of animals from the lethal path of Hurricane Ike.

The Texas Veterinary Medical Association has a webpage with information and resources for individuals with pets and livestock that need assistance. And the site includes this important information, "Persons evacuating for Hurricane Ike are advised to call 2-1-1 for the latest information on available facilities open for emergency animal sheltering for livestock and pets."

The Austin-American Statesman reports...

For those who arrive with pets, the Austin Humane Society says it will house “all pets of Hurricane Ike evacuees who are registered and are staying at the City of Austin Emergency Evacuation Shelters and will house the animals until their owners leave the Emergency Evacuation Shelters.”
The Tyler Morning Telegraph reports...
Officials have made arrangements to house evacuees' pets at local kennels and veterinary clinics. Once those reach capacity, emergency officials will open vacant city facilities to serve as a secondary location. Evacuees must bring their pets to Faulkner Park for processing into the pet shelters.
KHOU in Houston reports...
The SPCA is evacuating 75 animals from shelters in Brazoria County and moving them to Houston shelters to wait out Hurricane Ike. They have 3,000 more animal carriers ready in case more animals need to be moved.

For larger animals, the Brazos Animal Shelter and the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine are ready to receive animals arriving with evacuees from Hurricane Ike. In the large animal shelter, they can accept up to 200 horses, 80 head of cattle, and 80 small ruminants and pigs.

Pet Paradise in Houston will also serve as a pet evacuation site if there is a mandatory hurricane evacuation in the greater Houston area. They said they can board dogs and cats free of charge for up to 48 hours after the evacuation has been lifted. Read more...