Dog art!

Who doesn't love art, especially dog art!

Mum loves those really cool homemade artsy dog bowls that you see everywhere, and can even make at your neighborhood ceramic shop. And someday she'd even like to make one special for me and Gracie - maybe even Wolfie and Wiggy.

But the glazes have always been a concern. Ingesting anything toxic can be fatal to pets and to people. And some glazes are not created equal and may contain lead and other harmful chemicals that can leech into your food. So that's why we were encouraged to find non-toxic glazes that are safe for dinner wear.

Glazes are labeled by the ACMI (the Art and Creative Materials Institute). These ACMI glazes can have a "AP" rating (non-toxic) or a "CL" rating (cautions required).

So be sure when you are making precious and memorable ceramics for your pets or children to check you are using safe and non-toxic glazes and glaze chalk.

And keep safe, K?