Four Plus Two!

Kroger is partnering with Purina to sponsor a television special about pets and their owners to find the best story about the ways pets enhance people's lives.

Here's info from their website:

Four plus Two: Tales for the pet lover’s heart™ is a celebration of our love for our four-legged friends. Pets. Partners. Companions. They answer to many names. Dogs and cats. Big and small. Old and young, but one thing’s certain – their special place in our hearts and lives. "Four Plus Two: Tales for the pet lover’s heart™" is an integrated program centered on the theme that people and pets make better lives together. The centerpiece is an hour-long television special being produced by Blind Squirrels and sponsored by Purina and Kroger.

In addition to the show, during September and October, the program includes many in-store activities, such as a reusable grocery bag offer at Kroger featuring the art work of CF Payne, a nationally recognized artist who has created the Four Plus Two theme graphics.

A national contest will award one lucky pet owner with a one-of-a-kind commissioned CF Payne original painting celebrating their relationship with their pet.

Four age-specific family activity guides filled with pet-centric activities and facts will be available to download from this site.

Most importantly, Purina and Kroger will contribute $100,000 to animal welfare organizations around the country to help them feed pets who are waiting for their opportunity to share a better life in a permanent home.