Writers help shelter pups!

We found this news from ZooToo.com and had to share it with you! And be sure and check out Berkeley Breathed's classic book "Flawed Dogs," the annual publication of the fictional "Last Chance" Dog Pound, in the small town of Piddleton, Vermont.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A postcard with a burned beagle’s picture on the front -- eyes staring up at the recipient that seemed to question why he was burned. That image propelled writer, author and artist Berkeley Breathed to create stories and messages of animal advocacy.

While the love of his pets Earl and Mooch inspired Patrick McDonnell to create his stories -- most recently, a collection called “Shelter Stories.” Earl, his Jack Russell Terrier, recently passed away.

“He lived till he was 19-years-old,” McDonnell said. “I felt if I could capture his spirit and joy of life, I accomplished my job.”

Both artists use what is mostly seen as a whimsical medium to pass on serious messages about animal advocacy, welfare, cruelty and adoption.

Breathed’s recent creation, “Flawed Dogs” is based on a cast of characters that might be found in a shelter near you. The idea came to him after an animal story-filled day: he saw a picture of a beagle who won the Westminster Dog show, and later that same day, a picture of one of Michael Vick’s fighting dogs that was saved in a Utah shelter.