It's time for zootoo's shelter makeover II!

Zootoo' first National Pet Shelter Makeover Contest involving nearly 1,000 shelters across the country was such a huge success, they are doing it again!

This isn't the kind of makeover contest where you have to get glammed up, or get into months of healthy cooking, or even hire a makeup artist. This is the kind of makeover to help your shelter be the best place it can be.

This year, the makeover contest is in divided in 3 phases:

In the first one, shelters supporters earn points by being active on zootoo for their affiliated shelter. The top 20 shelters become semi-finalists.

Then, during phase 2, Zootoo and its advisors will tour these shelters and view their condition in order to narrow the 20 Semi-finalists down to 10 Finalists. Then it's on to phase 3, when it will be up to America to vote on the most deserving shelter. The shelter with the highest number of public votes by America will win the makeover! For the complete set of rules, please see the contest rules visit their website.

Any shelter, regardless of size and location can win the contest. Last year 75% of the top 20 were from small communities. Support your local shelter by simply being part of the largest online pet community in America,

So don't be left behind, sign up with Zootoo today, only 167 days left!